If you are armed with a check list for your cleaning session and the entire task will turn out to be less daunting and overwhelming. It will provide you the ability of making your cleaning easy and rapid.
Beginning with a list of regular cleaning list, they are supposed to be conducted on a daily basis. They will turn to be quite easier if they are conducted in small intervals and not all at once. Let’s get started with the kitchen, the tasks include dish washing, counter clearing, wiping off the spills on the counters plus the stoves and floor sweeping. Then come to the clutters of paper, place the newspapers and homework to their right place, sort the mails and junk mails should be recycled. Additionally, tasks associated with bathrooms are towels hangings, hampering the dirty clothing, clearing the counters, removal of the clothes after the drying and their folding plus placement. Finally set the beds up neatly.
Moreover, if you are aiming for check list of a weekly cleaning, the tasks may include the dusting of the shelves, accessories and the furniture. Also vacuum and mop out the entire house’s floor. Whereas in bathroom, wash the bath area, sinks, fixtures and toilet. Tasks for kitchen include cleaning of appliances, wiping of the appliances on counters, scrubbing of oven-top, cleaning interior of the microwave and eliminating left overs.  
For the check list that is for cleaning based on monthly basis will include the tasks like washing of dirty walls, wiping the hand prints off the doors, vacuuming the furnished furniture, polishing of the wooden furniture and cleaning of leather furniture. For kitchen tasks you may wipe out the interior of oven and refrigerator, vacuum the inside of commonly used cabinets. You can also wash the bed sheets, comforters, flip the mattress and clean out the covers of mattress.
As far as the list of cleaning based on semiannual basis is concerned, you should go for the chores such as dry cleaning of feather comforters, washing out the interiors of the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen. Also wash out the areas besides and under the coils of vacuum and the refrigerator. Don’t forget to alter the batteries in the alarm for smokes. Wash out the entire garage and put away all the decoration of your holiday.
Finally, if you aim for a cleaning for annual basis, you can clean the furnace, carpets, furniture and sort out the clothes plus toys.