In America, an average household cleans their carpets professionally once in two years. In the case where a household consists of two or fewer non smoking people, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advises that carpets must be cleaned once in 6-12 months. In houses of larger families which have kids and keep pets, the EPA suggests carpet cleaning to be carried out professionally once in 3 months.

These recommendations are necessary to ensure good air quality inside houses. Dust and soils gather on carpets which act as a filter when air circulates through vents inside the house. Cleaned carpets can make a significant difference not only to the quality of life of people who suffer allergies and asthma, but also of those who are pregnant and old.

Several families clean their carpets themselves. Grocery stores in people’s localities provide various machines and solutions for cleaning carpets. This is a fine way of cleaning carpets; however, it has some drawbacks. Homeowners must undergo arduous tasks of hauling machines and moving aside their furniture. Furthermore, if solutions are applied excessively, it can result in over saturation and the glue holding together the fibers of the carpet become weak. Moreover, using unsuitable cleaning solutions leads to permanent discoloration of carpets.

DV Clean Indy provides this service with a warranty of one year carpet cleaning where rooms are cleaned at low prices. One might have to vacuum and move their furniture aside themselves before the arrival of the technician but the low price will be beneficial to him.
The amount of dust and dirt collected on your towel is just a tiny portion of that which is accumulated in your carpet. You must look at how often are your carpets walked on and consequently take steps to enable you and your family to breathe fresh air.