Upholstery cleaning is a special duty which carpet cleaning companies can manage for you. Many different methods of upholstery cleaning prevail. The decision regarding which method to use to clean a stain depends on the kind of stain and the quality of the material which is being cleaned. The two main methods which are used are wet and dry, both of which can result in success if applied correctly.

If a piece of your furniture has a stain, you should call upon a professional to assist you in removing it. Upholstery cleaning entails skills which require immense practice before it is mastered. You may cause more damage if you try to clean it yourself using a product. Most stains must be successfully removed on the first try or else it sets deeper into the cloth. Moreover, moisture can be used for cleaning if it is used in the correct manner. However, using too much moisture may result in facing a risk of mold or mildew setting in the furniture which can damage the furniture and also cause health risks.
A ‘wet extraction technique’ is the first procedure in upholstery cleaning. It entails specialized equipment for applying cleaning agents and removing dirt. This method can be used in different ways depending on the fabric and the kind of stain. It involves a solution which is forced into the fabric at an extremely high temperature. The heat as well as the cleaning agents work together to loosen the dirt and stain instantly. The solution and the dirt which it traps are instantaneously vacuumed from the fabric. A success of this method is the heating of the solution at a high temperature which helps the natural adhesive properties of dirt and stains to diffuse, making their extraction easier. An important element is controlling the amount of moisture in the fabric. Soaking the fabric is easy but it can cause problems such as additional staining and mold. Those who are experts at handling this technique can control the amount of moisture used and guarantee proper stain removal. Another problem which can result during the process of wet extraction cleaning is damage caused to the parts of furniture which are of wood. The wooden part must not get wet as it may cause the stain in the wood to leech into the fabric which is attached to it, causing further staining which is difficult to remove.

Another method involved using a foaming cleaning solution. Once this foam is applied to a stained area by hand, it works its way into the stain and is kept intact for a short period of time during which it loosens the dirt and stain particles and cleans the fabric. Through this method, there is no moisture damage to the fabric since the amount of moisture is easily controlled.

The method of dry cleaning is almost the same as that of wet extraction, but no water is used. The method applies a chemical cleaning solution to a stained area and is left for a few minutes after which it is removed with a vacuum.  The benefit of this method is that no water damage to the fabric or furniture can occur. However, this method requires significant training and experience because different stains and fabrics need to be treated in different ways.

Another essential process of upholstery cleaning includes combining the two methods to become a dry-wet-dry process to clean difficult stains. If the fabric is first treated with chemicals and then with water based solution, difficult stains can be treated. The area can then be cleaned again with the dry solution to ensure that the fabric is left free of moisture.

Whichever method you choose to use for your upholstery cleaning, you must ensure that you select someone who has the necessary experience in order to achieve positive results.