The specific term ‘Office Supplies’ is generally referred to the product used in office on regular basis. These may include paper, pen, staples and also the paper clips. But nobody remembers that the supplies for cleaning which are employed in the commercial offices are also included in the category of an office supply.

The Product used in the Commercial Offices
The products or the supplies used for cleaning of an office will include rags, vacuum cleaners, dusters, monitors of computers and also solvents for cleaning. The above stated cleaning supplies are an important part of the company’s business. But unfortunately, despite of their vital role in the productivity level and the growth of business, these products are often left unappreciated and are often not even remembered.
These important products are often forgotten due to the fact that many individuals consider the task of cleaning a low grade work. You will always find highly educated and sophisticated individuals in an office and they will have a specific symbol of status. However, on the other hand the individuals who are employed in the cleaning industry are found to be simple workers, who are not equipped with huge levels of status and education. When the workers of the office are thought of, one will always consider an individual outfitted with a suit, busy with his computer in a cubicle. But it is very rare that we ever imagine those people in the picture, who usually enter the same cubicle but with a cleaning and maintenance purpose.
Use of these Cleaning Supplies
It is quite impossible to run a business without the involvement of cleaning products. The ability of maintaining a dirt free building can turn out to be beneficial for the maintenance of the expensive electronic devices at your office. The accumulation of dirt and dust can leave adverse effects on its condition and function.
Cost associated with the Cleaning Supplies
The prices of these cleaning products may vary and depend on the size of your work space. The bigger the office, the larger the quantity of cleaning products will be required for cleanliness of the office. The cost of each office supply will be reasonable in comparison to additional products employed in your business. For instance: Computer is among the most expensive supply in your office, it will cost above $1,000, whereas Vacuum Cleaner will be the most costly supply of your office and costs $100.