The techniques of house cleanup aim to assist you in cleaning the house at a rapid pace and make the entire process a lot easier for you.

Scheduling and Organizing
Enlist the cleaning tasks and everything that requires cleaning. It should include all the rooms and the tasks that need to be conducted in those rooms. The most effective method of cleaning is placing all the tools in a bucket. Carry it along with the Vacuum Cleaner to your first place of cleaning.

Bathroom Area:
Beginning with the bathroom area, the tools that will be required may include tile cleaner, cleaner of tile bowl, tub, and cleaner of glass and a sponge or rag for floor cleaning. Make sure that you begin with the roof and end up to the floor. Begin your cleaning with the mirror, then to the counter tops and sinks. Place the tub in other area and clean the wall surrounding it. Finally come to the toilet area, clean the cover of the tank and the bowl. Last but not the least; clean the entire floor and the door.
Bedroom area cleaning:
Begin with stripping the beds off early in the morning. Start the washing process before the breakfast time. Place the sheets in the dryer as soon as the breakfast is eaten and begin with your first cleaning area. Carry all your supplies in an easy to carry bucket along with a Vacuuming machine.
With the help of a feather duster remove all the dust on your ceiling fan. Then while using a vacuum cleaner, vacuum the walls to eliminate any web that have been accumulating on the wall. Then go for the windows, mirrors, headboards of the room’s bed and then the dresses. Nest, you have to do the vacuuming of the floor and clean them with a soapy liquid. Take out the sheets from the dryers and make your bed for giving a clean look to your bedroom.
When you have finished cleaning the bedrooms and bathrooms, you should move on with the dining room, kitchen and the living room. Always remember to begin with the ceiling to the floor. This way you can save a lot of time by using these cleaning techniques, specifically if you aim to wind up your cleaning session within a few hours. If you don’t want to deviate from your cleaning strategy then you should carry the supplies with you.