Basically two problems are confronted by individuals while cleaning up their houses. Firstly they don’t know how to start things as well as how to end them, secondly they are not able to take out sufficient time to conduct entire house’s cleaning. However, it is not impossible to avoid both issues. The above article provides a guide that may help in your cleanup schedule to make sure that the job is done efficiently and produce optimal results.
How can you shun procrastination while cleaning?
The word ‘procrastination’ refers to the worst quality of things in life and there is no exception for cleaning. Procrastination is done by a lot of people and is regretted later on. To avoid such situations in cleaning sessions you should not conduct massive cleaning. To start with turn on your favorite music and do the washing clothes task or dusting job.  
Where and what to begin with:
Begin with the tasks that are most awaited as they will provide you motivation to continue with the entire cleaning, you should begin with tasks that give your house a cleaner look. They may include wash up, polishing and hovering of the counter, as it is the most suitable place for beginning and end up in shining up of the floors. After completing major tasks you can begin with litters, and then you can carry on the closest cleaning.
How to get optimal results with the cleanup process:
Efficiency is the key factor here, to assure prosperity one should be efficient in every task performed. The cleaning process may suck up an hour or may be a whole day, but never stop until and unless you see a beautiful and shiny house because at the end you can sit back and relax in a clean and welcoming environment. As the day will end you would have done all the work for the maintenance and cleanliness of your house.
In conclusion, the last and final advice is that you should clean and wind up things as they are completed. You should never let the dishes, washing or any other task get accumulated and need massive cleaning. Whenever you have finished your washing, eating or other works make sure that you cleanup things as soon as completed, so that the stress associated with it can be avoided. Make sure that you keep your house clean for living happily and free of stress!